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How Many Types of Coffee Beans Are There?

How Many Types of Coffee Beans Are There?

Lots of people drink coffee every day in the world. This black or brown liquid is very attractive to people, and its taste is so good that many people drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day. You may like some brand of coffee, LAVAZZA, ILLY, Blue Mountain, Maxwell, but do you know coffee beans? How many types of coffee beans are there in the world?

How Many Types of Coffee Beans Are There?
You may know coffee beans are seeds of the coffee tree, and they can make coffee.Sure, you are right, but I want to tell you more about coffee bean types.
There are three most important original species of coffee beans in the world, which come from the Arabica, Robusta and Liberia.
Arabica coffee, a species of coffee, is originating in Ethiopia and widely cultivated for its high-quality, commercially valuable seeds. That is why Arabica coffee accounts for over 70% of the world. Many famous coffee brands are made from Arabica coffee, and you must hear people say “Gourmet coffee comes from the best coffee beans of coffee Arabica”
Arabica coffee trees are very sensitive to temperature and humidity, and they are best to be planted on the highland, with an elevation of 500 to 2000 meters. The higher they are planted, the better quality coffee beans have. The beans are small in shape, but high in price.

Arabica coffee from old manuscript
Robusta coffee, as famous as Arabica, is first planted in Congo of west-central Africa. Its taste is bitterer than Arabica coffee, and have a lower quality,so Robusta coffee shares around 20% of the world. It is the main raw material of instant coffee.
Robusta coffee trees have fine adaptability to environment.They can struggle against the harsh climate and insect diseases, so they can live in the wild, without care of people. Compared to the higher altitude of Arabica coffee tree, Robusta coffee trees usually grow better under 500 meters.

Robusta coffee beans
As for Liberia coffee, it also comes from Africa ,but has a shorter history of culturing,and the output is very low(less than 5%) in the world. The taste of Liberia coffee is special. It has unique aromas of stewed fruit and wood, with bitter nuances at the same time. It is amazing.

liberian coffee tree
I like the aromatic relish of freshly brewed coffee. Restoring the morning immediately after drinking a cup of the day is my favorite, and the more I learn about types of coffee beans, the more I enjoy.

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